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Inspiring a new generation of apprentices to make Vistry

If you’ve been considering a construction apprenticeship, there’s an opportunity for you here at Vistry Group. We actively invest in and nurture our future talent – even our CEO, Greg Fitzgerald, started his journey in housebuilding as an apprentice estimator! We recently heard from Callum McLaughlin, former apprentice and now assistant site manager.

“I joined Vistry Group after achieving my Level 2 in carpentry – I used to specialise in timber roof structures at my former company. I applied for the trainee assistant site manager role in a bid to progress my career, with the ambition to eventually run a site from the ground up.
I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge and working as a team to deliver a project bigger than myself. Learning a whole new skill set, managing people on top of the day-to-day requirements on the job, and ensuring everyone is working safely have been just some of the challenges I have overcome.

I am keen to inspire other apprentices, and I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to further their career. I believe this is the best route because you learn on the job and you will get experience and a qualification after passing your exams. I have recently just been promoted to assistant site manager and wish to progress my career as far as possible in the construction industry.”

We look forward to seeing what insight and knowledge Callum can pass on to future trainees – he’ll play a key role in making sure we’re able to keep making Vistry. You can find out more about our apprenticeships here.